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Devil Doer


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Sicentific Name: Strychnos Melinoniana – Dobrudua
Common name: Dobrudua, devil’s doer, devildoer, faiseur de diableries.
Family: Loganiaceae (Logania family).

Dobrudua is a woody vine (liana), almost as large as a tree, from the Amazon rainforest; specifically the Guianas.
There are two varieties: the red and the white dobrudua indicating the color of the rough outer bark. This is a grey or red canopy climber up to 6 inches in diameter.
The leaves, with 1 (one) cm short petioles, have five head nerves standing in pairs attached to twigs and have a pointed top; the flowers are white and sweet aromatic smelling like roses.
The fruit is a berry.

Dobrudua contains the alkaloid Melinonine A, a calabash-curare alkaloid.
Also: Melinonine G (flavopereirine), B, E, F, J, K, L, M.
The alkaloids act as adrenergic blocking agents, dilates blood vessels of the skin and mucous membranes and thereby lowering the blood pressure.
Dobrudua also increases reflex excitability in the sacral (lower) region of the spinal cord.
The present phytochemicals block or stimulate the release of adrenaline at nerve endings at different parts of the body.
Researchers think that this action changes blood flow or the transmission of nerve impulses to genital tissues.
Shamans in Suriname regard devil doer as a natural alternative for Viagra®; Cialis® and others.

Suriname’s Traditional Medicine
A solution in water is used for the general potency while a tincture (alcohol solution) is used as a very powerful bitter aphrodisiac. The plant contains flavopereirine which is used for cancer treatment such as prostate cancer.


Devil’s doer Dobrudua, is a very powerful natural aphrodisiac and central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, made from a liana (woody vine) in the Amazon rainforest. It is traditionally used in Suriname and other countries in South America, by both male and female.
This natural medicine increases blood flow to the penis or clitoris, enabling a man or woman to have an erection; Dobrudua does not induce desire and works when one is sexually aroused.

This aphrodisiac, a natural sexual stimulant, is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) that is also known as impotence.

Constituents: Contains the alkaloid Melinonine A (a calabash-curare alkaloid), mavacurine, fluorocurine.
Melinonine G (flavopereirine) B and E, (Quaternary indole alkaloid), F (alkaloid derivate of betacarboline), J, K, L and M.

Pharmacology: Strychnos melinoniana – Devil’s doer (Dobrudua) – Tropilab chopped bark ED affects over 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70.
It is also often associated with other diseases that may be present, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and male hypogonadism (diminished function of the testes).
Males with high cholesterol, hypertension and smokers may also experience erectile dysfunction.
Use of PDE-5 inhibitors is effective in about 70% of users. It is thought that the same is true of the use of natural alternatives such as Dobrudua.
Dobrudua enhances the effects of nitric oxide, also called poppers, (relaxes smooth muscles in the penis).
It increases the blood flow to the sexual organs (penis, clitoris) when a man or woman is sexually exited; it allows an erection to occur after physical – and physiological stimulation, such as the foreplay.
This increases the amount of blood flowing to the sexual organs.
With some men and women it works as fast as 30 minutes and the effects may last up to 24 hours.

In cancer or normal cells in culture, cytotoxic action is noted in both types of cells, at least for relatively high concentrations. These effects are probably due to interaction of the drug with chromatin. Phyto-chemical analysis demonstrates partial intercalation of melinonine F on pure DNA in vitro.
The flavopereirine, which is effective against cancers can be in the form of natural extracts derived from Dobrudua.

Dosage: Strychnos melinonianan -Devil’s doer tincture Don’t expect this herbal dietary supplement to fix your impotence immediately; dosages may need adjusting!
Individual results with Dobrudua may vary.

Infusion (herbal tea): half – cup daily.
An infusion is used as a tonic for the general well being.

Tincture: Check with your licensed herbalist or homeopath.
0.5 – 4 ml; 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
This herbal tincture is the aphrodisiac that increases the libido.

Warnings: Do not take it with nitrate medications, such as nitroglycerin.

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Devil Doer


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